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We support the University by compiling the official book list each semester.

The University Co-op is a not-for-profit committed to bringing down the cost of course materials for Longhorns since 1896!

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Summer 2024 Textbooks

The 2024 Summer Semester book list is available; place your textbook orders here.

We will only show in stock textbooks for ordering. If you see a book you want, but cannot order, you might check back in a few days to see if it has arrived in stock. Roughly two weeks before classes start is the best time to purchase course materials. This is when we have the most faculty requests turned in and most of our books in stock.

The last day to return books for a full refund is the 5th class day.

Your Textbook Options


We carry a mix of new and used textbooks. Generally, we have more used books early – so we recommend shopping early for the best chance at used books. Purchasing textbooks gives you the most flexibility; keep it as long as you want, and write in it as much as you want. At the end of the semester, if the book is being used again, you can sell it back to the Co-op or another marketplace to recoup some of the cost.


Some textbooks are available as a digital e-book. Each publisher offers different features for e-books, including the ability to print out some or all of the book. It’s nice to have access to your book right away and you won’t have to carry the book around! Most eBooks are identified on our website as “Digital Rentals – VS.”

How to Purchase Your Books


At check out, select whether you want to pick up your books in our main store or have them delivered! Orders are usually fulfilled within 24 – 48 hours.

In Store:

If shopping in store, visit the Academic Floor downstairs and grab the books right off the shelf. We have our books filed alphabetically, by the author’s last name. We have computers that you can print out your course schedule from if you need to – but we recommend bringing your booklist (with the author’s names) with you when you arrive! Once you grab your books, check out at any open register upstairs!

Longhorn Textbook Access

Click here for more information on Longhorn Textbook Access